Working the room - Desk focus


A week or so ago, we had a lot of stock of our desks come in and so we’ve been rotating and critiquing each desk’s merits.

It is not just because examining the craftsmanship of a desk drawer and the ergonomics of a desktop are genuinely fascinating to us CA Design girls - central to our interest in the design of a desk is our belief in the inspiring effect of a desk. A dream desk will literally ‘work for you’!

We spend a great deal of time sitting at a computer at home and work, yet so many people ignore the importance of a good desk and the way it can elevate your workspace and your frame of mind.

Our focus here is great desks, and we’ll be looking at complimentary lamps and chairs asap because the three are intertwined. A proper lamp and comfortable, upright chair will make or break the desk of your dreams and together will transform your office space into a place that stimulates and inspires you.

We pretty much have a desk for everybody’s taste and they are all ergonimcally perfect so your forearms are at the correct height and there is room for your computer, papers and bits and bobs. Many of our desks have surrounds to protect said bobs falling off, some have clever drawers and they are all made of beautiful wood with a high level of craftsmanship. Best of all, our desks are understated statement pieces, which is our favourite sort of look – they’re beautiful without shouting about it, which reflects well on the room it is put in. So that leaves it up to you to choose the style of desk where you will have your most brilliant thoughts. From stunning mid-century classics to a clean-lined, clutter-free styles, we’ve got you sorted.

The desk above is of our Nelson style swag leg desk.

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The B-Desk, which is A Class

Made of solid oak and edged in white lacquered metal, we love the simple aethetics of our B-Desk by Universo Positivo. The high surround means it can face into a room and the desktop is a good size and has a lovely exposed wood texture.

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Squeeze table

In the Universo Positivo collection each piece of furniture was created with a sense of aesthetics and simplicity and this table is a case in point of that design ethic. What we love is that it doubles as a table and desk because it's slightly narrow.

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Ottosen desk

This is just the most beautiful desk in every way. We love the American walnut, textural feel and dove tail joints and a concealed mirror, making this piece ideal for a dressing room or home office.

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Desk accessories

We never considered a pencil tray until we came upon these solid oak ones with a seamless finish of lacquered metal. Suddenly our desk looks like it belongs to an architect! Available in white, grey, yellow and red.

All items can be purchased at CA Design, 23 Dunville avenue, Ranelagh, Dublin 6 or call (01) 5143540 for postage.