Be the master of your dining room

Our solid oak Flow table has a pared-back, weighty aesthetic that ensues a multipurpose appeal.

Dining room tables are beginning to become a faux pas. No one really has a dedicated table for dining anymore, and why we would we? Embrace your multi-functioning and busy lifestyle and choose a table that dances to your tune.

Simplify your accessories to the basics so you can create the mood by adding decoration whenever you need it. Depending on the type of gathering and the occasion,  you can layer decoration. Plus, a clean canvas will set a serene mood, perfect for any member of your family to work or have a quiet place. Low pendant lighting, simple vases and sheepskin throws for chairs are the perfect starting blocks to add a touch of character and soften the space.

CA Design stock not only this Saarinen style oval table but also 2 different styles of pendent lamps, glass vases and sheepskin throws, exactly like the ones here.

Choose a table that is light-enhancing, beautifully crafted and timeless. This is a piece that needs to work for you through the year, and the changing seasons, and over the years and your family size, the amount you entertain and your style changes. And go as big as you can because over-sized proportions always look better. Plus, a generous table can be pushed against a wall and decorated.

Our Platner style dining table is a stunning statement piece, simply pairing stainless steel rods with a tempered glass top.

Simplicity is the order of the day. Once you have your beautiful table, position it in where the light flows in and don't be guided by traditional floor plans. You don't even need matching chairs - you could even theme the solid oak Gud chair (below) with a 60's Eames style chair with oak legs or an oak Wishbone style chair. Whatever works for you - you're the boss!

Solid oak is a popular choice for young families and homes where the table needs to be used for a lot more than dining! This Squeeze table come in two sizes and lots of complimentary chairs and homewares.

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