Whoop! The snuggly answer to this cold :)

When CA ventures into accessories we don't mince about: enter the YUYU hot water bottle! Forget what you thought about hot water bottles, which concentrate a kind of hard A4 block of burning water onto your chosen area and then poof, half an hour later you're snuggling an ice block 😂. The YUYU, my friends, will be your new best friend. It was Harrods top 20 accessory last Christmas for good reason 👏🏻

Yuyu's have a few different knits (Mongolian cashmere) and colours but all with the same amazing hot water bottle inside!

Made of ethically sourced rubber and nestled into a long gorgeous Mongolian cashmere pocket, what also sets apart the YUYU from its inferior counterparts is its ergonomic long design with special air pockets to trap hot water. Suffice to say it does the job it should be intended for keeping multiple areas warm, ache free and toasty for up to 8 hours.

Over your back and shoulders, down your back, the YUYU will slink and snug into where you need the heat, leaving you to properly relax 😍

It's the perfect gift for a loved one this Christmas or perhaps put on the Santa list!! ;)

Classic knit - €95 

Kensington knit - €109

Happy shopping!


CA x

We are over the moon with how much press our Yuyu hot water bottles have had!