Light Me Up

We are big believers here at CA Design that lighting has the ability to completely transform an entire space.

And while that sentiment is bandied about all the time, until you have the right light, and the right bulb, placed in the right space in your home, you could be ruining an entire space with ineffective lighting – no matter how gorgeous your furniture is! It’s all about highlighting different spaces and having the right type of light for every space within a room. 

Here are our 3 golden rules to follow:

1. Balance and proportion are key – think about ceiling heights when you consider pendants or lampshades, use the rule of thirds – divide the room into three levels, top, middle and bottom and light each level separately to create a cohesive whole. The top level should provide the ambient lighting and illuminate recessed areas. The middle is where you should hang art and any accent lighting to show it up – track lighting, spotlights or wall lights work well for this. The bottom is where your furniture is; this is where your portable desk lamps and floor lighting come in. 

2. Layer-it-up. Just like you layer your clothes to create an effective look, your room benefits from this too. Make sure there are no hot spots of either too much lighting or too little. Think ambient lighting, then accent lighting, then bulb types to get each layer right. 

3. Use natural light as much as you can. Use dimmable light bulbs so that you can adjust your own lighting in keeping with the natural ebb and flow of daylight. 

This season, at CA Design, we’ve got a whole host of new lighting brands and so many cool new types of lighting to love. We’re super-excited about Aromas del Campo, our new brand from Spain with its too-cool pendant lights and must-have floor lamps; we know these lights are going to be our best-sellers. Add to that, our Vita Copenhagen lights – in all their down feathery glory. They’re affordable, lightweight and add texture and tactile softness to every room.

Come and visit our new lighting section, there’s something for every room HERE. Some examples of our beautiful lighting below: