Cherner Style Counter Stool

Cherner Style Counter Stool


DIMENSIONS: Width: 47cm x Depth 51cm x Height: 110cm. Seat Height 73cm

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Designer: Inspired by Norman Cherner

The Cherner seating line was designed in 1958 and forms perhaps Norman Cherner's most famous design. In the 1960s this design was no longer produced due to high manufacturing costs and faded into obscurity until his sons, Benjamin and Thomas started producing the Cherner Chair Line again in 1999. The Cherner Counter Stool formed part of this collection and our version of this elegant counter stool was designed in the style of the original. It is constructed with moulded walnut and because of its varying layers of veneer, it offers supreme support and comfort as well as being a stylish statement for your home or office.

Our products are reproduced to the style of the original design. Available in oak and walnut.