CA Design to POP-UP in Cork - April 2013!

We here at CA DESIGN are super excited about our upcoming Pop-Up Shop in Cork City on April 19th, 20th and 21st at the River Lee Hotel, where we will showcase our furniture for that weekend. So, why a Pop-Up Shop?  Why not a fulltime shop?  Well, we naively thought that we could sell purely online, but we have since learnt, through listening to our customers, that people want to see, feel and touch our furniture and we too want them to see the quality of our product, and to be reassured. People have said, on a few occasions, "Oh, but I saw a Barcelona chair on another website for half the price of yours...", to which our reply is "yes, you might have, but the quality of what you saw is dismal and cheap in the flesh, hence the cheap prices...''

A Pop-Up Shop is a way for us to test the market, gain exposure, create momentum and to get valuable feedback from our customers. Popping up gives us a chance to build an offline presence, to reach customers who may not be accustomed to online shopping and who may prefer a more traditional way of shopping and basically, it gives us an opportunity to build trust.

We want to create a 'real' awareness of the brand and of course, more importantly for the customer, if we don’t have to pay a high rent for a premises, we can keep costs down and pass these savings onto the customer.

So, we are having a 'flash retail event', as they like to say in the U.S. Hopefully, we will draw in the crowds and pop up again, who knows, in a town near you!

POP UP Shop Antica Stone Gallery January 2013

CA Design POP UP Shop Antica January 2013

CA Design POP UP Shop Antica Stone Gallery January 2013

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