Things that keep me away at night....!

I was racking my brains this morning wondering how I could link in this week's blog with the visit to Dublin of Ireland's first family, the O'Bamas (!) and I remembered that I had coincidentally scribbled the following blog last month as a "spare" to put in my file of "Emegency Blogs" .....It concerns a very curious fact about an everyday piece of furniture, familiar to everybody....Read on: Do you sleep like a baby all night? Do you wake up thinking, "gosh, I was reading my book and I must have dozed off and now its, like, MORNING...."  No?  Thought not.. Anyway, you know, you're there tossing and turning, too hot, thoughts racing, what have I to do tomorrow, have we any milk for the breakfast, is tomorrow bin day, did I sent that text to Rachel by mistake (the text that I meant to send to Emily ABOUT Rachel..) Oh my God , and it goes on and on until the panic sets in: you know, the Oh-my-God I-have-to get-up in-TWO-HOURS and I havent slept, HOW am I going to get through the day panic..?  I think it happens to all of us but I don't take any comfort in whether you are awake or not, sorry, but it just doesnt help...

So, you want to know what woke me up BING! at 5am this morning?  What thought was doing the motor circuit around my head, around and around, poking at my tired brain like an annoying wasp....ANSWER:  Who invented the swivel chair?  That's it..! And that's why I'm sitting here at my kitchen table on a Saturday morning at 5.15am exhausted but wired.... so, I figured I might as well get it over with, get it out of my system, have a builder's (camomile) tea, put on a wash and maybe go back to bed at 8.30am with Marty Morrissey and Countrywide on RTE 1 radio  (seriously, the glamour never stops...).

So, back to the Swivel Chair....and because I'm tired and a bit cranky, I will make this short..It was invented by non other than Thomas Jefferson, the 3rd President of the United States of America.  It is said that he bought an English style Windsor chair, took the legs off and replaced the base with a central metal spindle to which he attached castors and hey presto!  They say that the first draft of the Declaration of American Independence was scribbled down while sitting on this very chair (ever wonder who "they" are - here I go again, I'll be awake all night...)

And that's it!

See below selection of my favourite CA Design swivel chairs!

Eames style E217 office chair


Arne Jacobsen style Swan chair

Eero Saarinen style Tulip Chair

Arne Jacobsen style Egg Chair


Eero Aarnio style Ball chair



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