Pampered Puppies...

You know, when we started this company, I just loved the idea of the kids' range, all those impossibly cute kids watching their TVs whilst sitting on baby egg style chairs,  baby Corbusiers and the like!  Well....let me tell you about the reality....! So far, we have sold chairs to parents for their children and to godparents/friends for presents, but (and these are the unexpecteded sales), we have also sold these little stunners pooches!  Yes, you read that correctly and I thought, (being a complete dog nut), what a great idea!

So now, we have little Penelope, a miniature black  poodle who loves nothing better than to curl up on her baby Egg style chair in the corner of the hall, tucked under the stairs..the chair is in upholstered in red and contrasts beautifully with her black curls!  Then there is Myles, an adorable Jack Russell who has taken to his Le Corbusier style baby chair in his owner's very stylish study! The prize though, goes to Andrew and John who celebrated their wedding in the South of France last year: having  been together for 7 years, they had accumulated every wordly possession and gadget that could possibly be imagined, what to get for two design afficionados who are impossible to shop for and whose style could not be emulated?  Well, a few of their friends clubbed together and bought them an Eero Aarnio Baby Ball style chair for...their Pug,Betty!

I'll say no more!


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