Cow Hide Rugs

They are glamorous, luxurious and by the same token can be down-home rustic and cosy, are silky soft to the touch, are never "in" or "out" of fashion, they work with traditional interiors, with patterns or plains, on carpets or hard floors and they can add a deliciously expensive layer to cool, contemporary spaces.. I'm talking about cowhide rugs and we have taken delivery of some gorgeous hides, among them, caramel, pale fawn, rich chocolate brown and soft grey fading into off-white.

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We decided to concentrate on stocking two main sizes, large (measuring approximately 200cm x 200cm) and small (approximately 144cm x 180cm).  Our smaller cowhide rugs are particularly suitable for apartments, where space might be tight, they look great at the side of a bed, under a coffee table, on a stairs return, on the back of a sofa or even in a bathroom/powder room.

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If you are looking for something out of the ordinary,we can also source special pieces, for example, printed (Zebra, Java Tiger) and metallic cowhides (gold and silver metallic on white, black or brown backgrounds) Icelandic sheepskin, springbok, blesbok and reindeer hides, just call us here at CA Design and we will work on finding you the perfect hide!

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