'Happy' Shell Chair

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'Cos I'm happy!

We have been busy adding new pieces to our collection. Delighted to introduce the stunning classic Shell chair, perfect in both traditional and contemporary settings.

The CH07 Shell Chair, designed by Hans Wegner in 1963 is known as the Smiling Chair or Happy Chair....take a look and see why!

One of Wegner's most iconic chairs, it was designed in 1963 and while it was a wow with the critics when launched, it was too avant-garde for Joe Public and it's production was limited due to poor sales.

However, in the 1980s and 90s, original CH07 chairs began to pop-up at auction and fetched high prices (Christies of London auctioned a 1960's original in 1999 and it achieved a price of $20,000).

Happily, it came back into production in 1998. This time, the public was ready and it was a hit!

The seat and backrest are made from form pressed plywood shells with 2 upholstered cushions. With it's sculptural curves and 3-legged design, the Shell Chair is, as Hans Wegner believed a chair should be, "beautiful from all sides and angles".

Click on the image above, or link below to shop online. We are taking orders now with delivery in 4 weeks.




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