Achille Castiglioni Iconic Arco Floor Lamp

9abdc3e2da9897c132e36d126ae6f81a When the designer of the iconic Arco Floor Lamp, Achille Castiglioni lectured at the Politecnico di Milan, he used to instill in his students the importance of using their common sense; defining the problem and seeing how good design could solve it.

A classic example of how he married his use of common sense and creativity can be seen in the Arco Floor Lamp:

While it might look futuristic for the sake of it, there are sensible reasons for the two most obvious design features of the lamp, namely, the curve of the lamp and the hole that was drilled in it's base. The curve of the lamp and it's reach means that it is a brilliant choice for an area where there is no overhead lighting can be adjusted to illuminate a whole room if required or to offer more atmospheric lighting by focusing it on a particular area. The marble base is obviously heavy and may put people off the lamp as a choice.

Castiglioni got around this problem by drilling a hole in the base, the idea being that a broom handle could be "threaded" through the hole and this would then allow two people to lift and place it with no effort, by taking either end of the stick. As a design statement, the hole in the base ties in very nicely with the solid rectangular marble block and softens it somewhat while it also echoes the curve of the stainless steel stem.

Genius meets common sense!