wonderful womb chair!

81Q75NdR5-L._SL1500_ While the design of the iconic Womb Chair (1947) is credited to Finnish designer Eero Saarinen, it's creation would not have happened without the influence of designer Florence Knoll .....

She explained to Eero Saarinen at the time, while they were both working for Knoll furniture company, "I want a chair that is like a basket full of pillows, something I can curl up in..."

At the time, the use of moulded fibreglass was in it's infancy and the young designers approached a New Jersey boatbuilder who was experimenting with fibreglass and resin. Despite his doubts, they begged him to take on the project.

Florence Knoll said at the time "He was very skeptical. We just begged him. I guess we were so young and enthusiastic, he finally gave in and worked with us"!


BlogCarol-Anne Leyden