5 Minutes With Architect Mark Arigho

We caught up with Mark Arigho, one of the many architects we have collaborated with, to delve down into the creative approach to every design process. 

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Q: How would you describe your design aesthetic?

MA: I’d hope we don’t have one! All our projects react to their context, so they’re all quite different. We would put an emphasis on using natural materials and try to limit the palette to 2 or 3 colours or textures. 

Q: What is the first thing you do when you sit down to sketch?

MA: Put some music on. It helps me focus. Otherwise, my mind might remember an email I was supposed to send or call to return. 

Q: What's the favourite part of the design process

MA: I enjoy the Detail Design, making very detailed 2D construction drawings, showing how edges of materials meet and join. This forms the instruction manual for the contractor, on how to price and then build the project. I also really enjoy talking to the contractor through these drawings on site, explaining details 2 –3 weeks before it is built. 


Q: What has been your favourite project?

MA: One of my last projects, before I left de Blacam and Meagher, was a house by the sea in south Dublin.  Its success was a combination of the client's trust in my ability and the fact that they never stopped challenging me throughout.   

Q: Where do you find Inspiration?

MA: From visiting buildings and reading. You can’t really experience architecture without being in or around it, using your senses, you can only get so much from an image, and even then you’re being tricked. Reading helps me articulate what I like about architecture; it confirms my thoughts. 

Q: What's your all-time favourite building in the world?

MA: It changes all the time, which is great. I was in Rome in November and visited the Pantheon again. The emotional effect upon entering is very powerful.  

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Q: What are the key principles you consider on every project?

MA: Context, Tradition, Proportion. 

Q: Can you tell us about recent and upcoming projects?

MA: We have completed a lot of residential projects recently, with lots more on the drawing boards and a few on-site in both the North and South of Ireland. We are particularly enjoying seeing a house that is reminiscent of a beautiful, simple barn in a field in County Meath come to life and we are also working on both a jewel box like café and a factory workshop for an interesting client.

Q: Do you get involved in the entire aesthetic process of each project, right down to the furniture

MA: Ideally yes, we have designed and commissioned our own furniture, we design fitted furniture, kitchens, and we select furniture for projects. We’ve even picked out artwork.

Arigho Larmour Wheeler is a design-led and client-focused cross-border Irish architectural practice with offices in Dublin and Belfast, established by Mark Arigho, Jane Larmour and Patrick Wheeler. They take pride in designing and delivering well-crafted buildings with a strong connection to their context and particular consideration of issues of sustainability, heritage, and material.

They work on a diverse range of projects from award-winning public, cultural, educational and commercial buildings to one-off private residences. We loved Mark's use of our wishbone chairs in this stunning dining area (below). Get in touch with Mark and his talented team for any project: HERE

These exact wishbone chairs are available    HERE

These exact wishbone chairs are available HERE

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