You'll wish you got this wishlist sooner

Our pure alpaca, huge tactile throws come in lots of colours. Our mouth-blown vases are perfect for wintry stems.

Put down everything everything except your Christmas present list and enjoy! The rules of our Christmas edit? If it's not unique, beautifully luxe and affordable it didn't make the cut! Whether you've got a grandparent or sibling who'd appreciate an enormous, super soft and hypoallengenic throw, a cool kid who'd love our Cat and Dog lamps or our infamous rockers or a candle, bobble hat or sheepskin throw for the girl who loves luxe, CA Design has meaningful, unique and beautiful presents.

We have an edited selection in store of presents for all members of the extended family and everything is exclusive to CA Design!

With only 9 days to go, we have tried to include pieces for the whole family and extended family of special people, friends and teachers! Our pure wool and fur bobble hats and unique long, cashmere-lined Yuyu hot water bottles are perfect gifts through the winter whilst  our French cotton, hand-printed kitchen towels and mouth-blown glass vases are unique, gorgeous gifts  for any member of the family.

Luxe loves creamy, dreamy fabrics and it doesn't get more gorgeous than our wool and fur bobble hats and our YUYU cashmere, long hot water bottles.

Check out our our gift list online or we'd love to see you at 23 Dunville Avenue in Ranelagh or send us a message!

Our Parkminster candles are a perfect gift for ladies who appreciate that scent creates a wonderful festive mood.