Box Fresh: La Boite Concept Arrives to CA Design

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Team CA couldn’t be more excited to share a brand new arrival to our store and online this month. We’re the first Irish shop to stock La Boite Concept, a high-end and carefully designed collection of home speakers.

Cube CS Woody, €1,290 at CA Design

Cube CS Woody, €1,290 at CA Design

La Boite Concept is a heritage French company, combining high-fidelity sound and technology with craftsmanship- so you can be a vinyl junkie or a furniture maven and adore these pieces in equal measure.

Cube CS Corian, €1,290 at CA Design

Cube CS Corian, €1,290 at CA Design

What excites us so much about offering these pieces to you guys is that they really are something rare and special. It’s no mean feat to be able to call home audio equipment a feature piece, but our Cube CS Corian and Cube CS Woody are just that. Plus, the quality of the speakers is second to none, using the best technology in the industry ti ensure every time you press play, it sounds the the best it can.

Trust the French to make something that looks as good as it sounds.

The history of this brand is fascinating. In 1938, visionary Marie Cagniard Yeramian founded the SIARE loudspeaker brand, at a time when the company was a field little open to women and where electro-acoustics has not yet developed the Hi-Fi.

The company gradually became the largest French manufacturer of speakers and, three generations later, has morphed into La Boite concept: high-end custom speakers, all-in-one and adapted to contemporary uses.


We hope you’ll love these pieces as much as we did. Pop in to us on Dunville Avenue for an up-close look at the La Boite Concept Cube CS Corian and Cube CS Woody, both of which we are proud to stock.