Law change in The Sunday Times 27/11/16

A recent bill passed in the UK extending the copyright law on replica furniture is on its way to Ireland.

I knew this change was on the horizon when I set up CA Design and over the past year, I have significantly expanded my range away from mid century furniture. My original intention was to offer affordable, design-focused furniture and providing inspired designs was inclusive of this purpose but I have been mindful to take on contemporary designers so that my business won't close as so many already have in the UK. I will keep you informed of when the date is nigh!


An original Eames Lounger comes with an eye-watering price tag of €8,000 compared to our beautifully made, affordable replica at €1,895. There are of course, poor reproductions, which this bill will cut, but I use only premium Italian leathers and top-grade materials. Sadly this bill doesn’t allow for any quality threshold.

Once the bill comes into effect here, we may well  have to wait until 2048, so as this is genuinely a last opportunity to buy the best quality 20th century classics at affordable prices in Dublin, I would encourage people who are procrastinating to act now. Don’t picture yourself curled up on an Eames Lounger or  your kids on an Eames rocking chair or sitting around a Saarinen marble dining table...have a browse online or come and chat to us!